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Career Exploration

Choosing a Major & Career Exploration


Approximately 80% of students will change majors at least once before a degree is granted.  Whether students entering HCC have a declared major or they enter as an undecided major,  Career Services encourages all students to create a plan for academic and career success.

The process of choosing a major or career begins with self-assessment. Consider taking one of the assessments below to learn more about your interests, personality, skills and abilities.  Be sure to contact Career Servcies to discuss the results and additional ways to get exposure to career areas of interest that will help you make a decision. 

Focus Career Assessment - - Online assessment tool used to determine a student's  interest, values, skills, and personality. It also offers information on various careers based on a students assessment. Explore your options and save your favorites!  To access Focus career assessment, e-mail Angie Watson for the access code.

Am I Career Ready?Identify action steps you can take to strengthen workplace skills employers seek.  Contact HCC Career Services for assistance.     

Free Personality Test - Discover careers and occupations most suitable for your personality type and understand communication and learning styles of your type. See for additional information.

Get My Future - Quick interest assessment.

MyNextMove This tool provides is a short assessment as well as a portal to research careers and industries.

My Next Move for Veterans - helps you find a civilian career similar to your military job.

MySkillsMyFuture based on previous work experience, it will help match other careers using same types of skills.


Check out the Career Decision Pyramid which lists life and job-related aspects to consider to develop your career plan from start (bottom of pyramid) to finish (the pyramid pinnacle).

Explore Occupations

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Essential information about hundreds of occupations. U.S. Dept. of Labor

ONET - Find concise occupational information on over 950 jobs.  Research careers and employment projections; identify your skills and generate lists of possible occupations. U.S. Dept. of Labor.

CareerOneStop - provides national, state and local career, labor market, and workforce information using online tools, videos, and maps to a range of local services. U.S. Dept. of Labor.

Kentucky Career Information

Kentucky Future Skills - 5 year projected demand by local workforce area.

KY Career Center - Research a specific program of study, career or employer.

In Demand Careers videos focusing on KY's high-demand career sectors – manufacturing, construction, business & IT, logistics & transportation and healthcare. 

Gain information

Informational Interviewing/Job Shadowing - Gain information from professionals in your field of interest! 

What Can I do with this Major? Think outside the box with your major!

Learn How to Become - Find out more about different careers

Career Cornerstone - Detailed resource for Healthcare, Science, Math, Computing, Engineering and Technology.

College Majors - College major and career exploration tool.

Princeton Review of Careers provides a summary of various types of careers.

Guide to Careers in Psychology and Top Psychology Careers

Counseling Career Guide , Social Work Career Guide, Addiction Counseling/Mental Health

Discover Data ScienceComputer Science Careers , Careers with numbers, Math

Agriculture, Food and Biotechnology Related Careers

Healthcare Related Careers, Nursing Careers

Gain information about yourself, careers of interest and be one step closer to making an informed decision. 

Step 1.  Complete the Focus 2 Career Assessment to identify your career interests.  Select “Register” (below the login info) to create a new account.  The Access code is The Hill.  Complete the information and select "Fall 2019” as your status.

Step 2.  Note the top 2 or 3 careers that most interest you and why. Begin researching careers in Focus 2 Assessment and these HCC Career Services resources.  Discuss your Focus 2 results with HCC Career Services staff, advisor, friends and family.

Step 3. Check the job outlook in the area you plan to live -Kentucky Future Skills Report 2017-2021 & CareerOneStop. Through KY Career Center, research a specific program of study, career or employer. 

Step 4. Review your career ideas with your academic advisor. Discuss the academic majors and the educational requirements (certificate, diploma, degree) related to your career interests.  If a four-year degree or more is required, discuss options with the HCC Transfer Center Coordinator, Lorie Maltby.  

Step 5. Research job posting descriptions.  Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, you’ll better understand the local job market and you’ll learn the specific responsibilities of the career and be better prepared to develop a targeted resume.  Set up email alerts on

Step 6.   It’s vitally important that you get as much exposure to your profession of interest as possible.  Your goal should be to learn what the career is truly like on a daily basis.

Step 7.   Create or update your resume.  Review HCC’s step-by-step resume guide and samplesSchedule a time to practice interview.  CareerOneStop is a comprehensive resource for job search.  

Step 8Build your professional network. Join a club on-campus, a professional organization (as a student member) or a community organization that supports your career interests.

Step 9.  Each day ask yourself…. What am I doing today that will get me where I want to be tomorrow. 


Goal of Experiential Activities:

  • Earn valuable experience needed for today's competitive workplace.
  • Confirm choice of major and clarify career goals.
  • Develop self-confidence and enhance your employability upon graduation.

Experiential Activities may include:

  • Cooperative Education and Academic internships (paid and unpaid).  HCC's eligible AAS programs are Business Administration and Computer & Information Technology.  Contact your academic advisor and see details below.
  • Non-credit Internships - Working for the benefit of experience gained. Check with Career Services on any known internships locally such as Henderson Area Arts Alliance in addition to checking sites such as  Set up interhnship and job alerts on and  For information contact HCC Career Services.  
  • Volunteering - Ways to make worthwhile contributions to an organization while at the same time gaining workplace experience. Volunteering pays much more than you think!  Check out some local volunteer opportunities
  • Part-time employment - gain transferable skills for future employment. See Job listings.
  • On-campus work through the Federal Work Study Program - Check with Whitney Laird, HCC's Financial Aid Coordinator for eligibility information. 
  • Job Shadowing - Observe professionals in the work environment and learn about their chosen career field. Get assistance from HCC Career Services.
  • Ready-to-Work Program - If receiving K-tap, contact Dr. Cynthia Curry for eligibility info.
  • Service Learning - teaching and learning process in which students use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs. Listing of local community service agencies