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You Have Academic Rights

Our desire is for you to have a positive experience at Henderson Community College. However, we realize there may be times when students need to voice a complaint or grievance. Complaint and grievance procedures have been developed to assist students who have a perception of unfair and/or unlawful treatment.

We have learned over the years many issues can be resolved when the student meets face-to-face with the person or people involved. Unfortunately, not all situations can be resolved in this manner and require a formal process and the assistance of a third party. Below are a few suggestions to guide students through the process of filing a complaint or grievance:

  • If you are not able to resolve the issue by meeting face-to-face with the person or people involved, it is best to discuss the matter with that person's supervisor.
  • If the matter is not yet resolved, a formal complaint or grievance can be filed. It should contain:
    a) a complete description of the complaint or grievance,
    b) any supporting documents, and
    c) the desired outcome sought.
  • A complaint or grievance should be raised as quickly as possible. Students should be aware of timelines regarding formal complaint and grievance procedures.

When a student believes his/her academic rights have been violated they must follow the appeals process outlined in the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct on page 10. Students should review these rights carefully.

For additional questions please contact the office of the Academic dean:

Mike Knecht
Chief Academic Officer
Administration Building, Room 114