Emergency & Inclement Weather Info | HCC

Emergency & Inclement Weather Info

Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. When students perceive that bad weather conditions may cause the college to close or be on a delayed opening, students should do one or more of the following to check the current status:

  • Check the college's Facebook page for information.
  • Check with local media (radio: WMSK and WSON; TV: WFIE TV14 and WEHT TV25 - notifications will be posted as quickly as the stations allow).
    • STUDENTS will receive SNAP alerts through calls to your 10-digit preferred phone number, text messages are sent to any mobile number listed in your student record and emails are sent to your kctcs.edu email address. Note any text charges would apply. Please check your current SNAP status and/or update your contact information by logging into the Student Self-Service Center.
    • KCTCS EMPLOYEES Update your contact information in PeopleSoft. You'll receive SNAP alerts through messages at your work extension, text messages sent to any mobile number listed in PeopleSoft and an email message sent to your kctcs.edu email address.

      Are you a parent, board or community member interested in receiving SNAP emergency messages from a KCTCS college? Sign up to receive notifications.

Your instructor(s) will notify you of work/class time to be completed for any cancelled classes. If your class is held at Henderson County High School, your class will follow the high school weather closure schedule. If your class is held at the HCC Herron Center in Morganfield, the class will follow the college's weather closure schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: If a storm develops during the day, college administration will determine actions to be taken and will advise the College community. During periods of closure or delays, snow and ice removal operations will proceed using Maintenance & Operations (M&O) personnel, volunteers, and contractors when necessary. When the college is closed or on a delayed opening, it is important that other staff and students not come to campus before the announced opening time to allow the campus to be prepared for traffic.

What do I do if there is a tornado?

During threatening weather, weather radios on campus will be monitored.

  • When a tornado watch is issued for the campus area, designated individuals in each building will pick up a walkie-talkie and establish communication with the Welcome Center or (after hours) the Library.
  • When a tornado warning is issued, all building occupants will be instructed to take cover in designated shelter areas. Communication will be made via radio, telephone, and SNAP.
  • All individuals will remain under cover until the all clear is given.

Where do I go (STORM SHELTER) when there is a tornado?

Administration Building: Bottom floor hallway area

Arts and Sciences Building: South End of the Bottom Floor of the A/T Building

Academic Technical Building: South End of the Bottom Floor of the A/T Building

Library: First Floor Interior Hallway

Sullivan Technology Center: 1st Floor bathrooms, hallways, and in-between spaces (away from Cyber Café windows)

Preston Arts Center: McCormick Hall Orchestra Pit

Welding Building: Restrooms