Abbey Gibson: Carving Her Path to Success through Early College Academy

At just 17, Abbey Gibson is already steps ahead in her academic journey, thanks to Henderson Abbey GibsonCommunity College’s Early College Academy (ECA). With her sights set on the University of Kentucky's Architecture program, Abbey is a testament to the success of ECA and its ability to empower students to reach their full potential.

Abbey's journey with ECA began with a simple desire to save money for her family. "What initially drew me to ECA was the potential for my family and me to save money," she explains. "ECA's seamless support system, including grants, donations, and other resources, largely relieves students of financial stress of how to pay for college."

Abbey was also drawn to ECA because of the opportunity to interact with peers who also enjoy being challenged academically. "Beyond the financial aspect, ECA fosters a tight-knit community of ambitious students united by academic excellence," Abbey says. "The guidance from advisors makes the journey less intimidating, and the friendships formed within the program are exceptional!"

One of Abbey's favorite things about ECA is the newfound freedom it has granted her. "Attending HCC, particularly ECA, has opened my eyes to a world of freedom," she shares. "In high school, the routine was the same every week, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. However, as an ECA student, each semester brings a new schedule which was a novelty for me."

Abbey Gibson and Kara Becker photoAbbey also credits HCC ECA Coordinator Kara Becker and Henderson County High School ECA Advisor Amanda Joyner as mentors who provided guidance and support throughout her ECA experience.

As a recent ECA graduate, Abbey can confidently recommend the experience to other students. "Initially, ECA may appear scary and unfamiliar," she admits. "But ECA pushes you beyond your comfort zone, offering plenty of new experiences, which makes the two years much more fun and exciting!"

Thanks to ECA, Abbey has secured direct admission into the University of Kentucky's Architecture program. "This fall, I will attend UK's College of Design, pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture over the next four years," she reveals. "Following that, I to plan to extend my studies by two years to obtain my master's degree."

Abbey Gibson on the beachAbbey's plans also include studying abroad. "I plan to spend a summer studying abroad in Spain at some point in my educational journey," she says. "Upon completing my master's, I'll be qualified to take the Architect Registration Examination, making me a licensed architect."

With her determination and the support of ECA behind her, there is no doubt that Abbey Gibson is destined for success in her future endeavors.