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HCC's campus will close at 4pm this afternoon due to inclement weather. No decision has yet been made regarding tomorrow. Expect an announcement prior to 6am after conditions are evaluated.

Walking Trails

HCC Walking Trails

The mileage for walking around the campus has been measured so that individuals wanting to take advantage of our beautiful scenery can exercise and get a view of nature too.

A Lake Walk: 1163 ft. or .22 miles (8 times around = 1.75 miles)
B Inside Campus Walk: 2180 ft. or .4 miles (includes 25 stairs)
C External Roads Walk (both loops): 4791 ft. or .91 miles
D Inside STC/AT buildings, 2nd and 3rd floors as one walk with 50 stairs: 992 ft. or .19 miles
(5 times back and forth = .94 miles)

Walking Trail Map