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Job Search Plan

Steps to a Successful Job Search

Action Step 
Target Date
Know Yourself  
What am I good at? What are my skills related to the job I am seeking? Identify your skills, personality, strengths, and values to find a career area that fits well!
Access Career Assessments
Additional ways to identify skills: Skills Matcher and ONET Online    
Quick Quiz to consider ideas for your “brand”    
Resume - Your Marketing Tool!  
KY Career Edge- Templates that save in MS Word to easily make updates on your resume, cover letter, thank you letters. Click on “Tool Kit”    
Email your draft to Career Services for feedback & suggestions.    
Reference Sheet sample    
Networking Techniques  
Research company of interests (company websites, LinkedIn, Facebook…)    
Talk to everyone you know about possible opportunities to learn more engagement    
Create/Update a LinkedIn Profile. Connect with individuals (alumni, friends, acquaintances at companies of interest or who do what you want to do    
Connect with at least 2 individuals each week for networking.     
Set up job/internship alerts and check them daily/weekly    
Interview Preparation   
Phone/Virtual Interview Cheat Sheet    
KY Career Edge – Record & practice interview questions. Select “Tool Kit” to access Interview Simulation Trainer and/or schedule a practice interview with Career Services    
Create and practice your One-minute commercial    
Tips to prepare for virtual interview space and technology    
Keep your job search efforts organized with a Job Search Checklist      
Don’t forget to send a thank-you note for after interview. It can set you apart from other candidate and must be error free    
Tool Kit
HCC Career Exploration HCC Job Search Resources HCC Job Posting site

What careers work best with your personality?

Try the 2-minute, mobile friendly visual assessment called Traitify.

KY Career Edge

KY Career Center Registration

Career One Stop

Set up job alerts!, LinkedIn, Snag-a-job, remote jobs.  More listed here.

Ideas to Gain Experience

  • Part/Full time Jobs
  • Internships
  • Volunteer work
  • Job shadowing
  • HCC Degree and Certificate Programs


70-80% of positions that are available are not advertised anywhere. Networking is critical in landing a job. Referrals and internal candidates are the leading hiring trends.

Set up a free profile on

Am I Career Ready? Assessment for the 8 career competencies that employers seek most. Offers actions steps to assist with weak areas and can strengthen your interview responses. HCC Career Services can assist with accessing tool.

HCC Career Services

 Make a virtual or in-person appointment with HCC Career Services by emailing or call 270-831-9671.