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Technology Solutions

HCC TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS - Cutting Edge Technology for YOU!

During your time at Henderson Community College we will provide you with access to cutting edge technology to use for completing course work, as well as registering for courses, paying your tuition and communicating with instructors.

Technology Solutions provides a wealth of resources to assist students in the learning process. Our well equipped computer labs are available across campus.

The Technology Solutions Help Desk, located in the Hartfield Library, Room 203, is your spot to find computer assistance, as well as to add funds to your printing account.  If you need help with college related technology issues. During the hours we are open you may also contact us via phone, as listed below. You may contact us outside of our hours of operation by leaving a voice mail or by e-mailing us and we will get back with you as soon as possible on our next business day. 

Technology Solutions Staff

  Joe Heerdink
Director of Information Technology
Hartfield Library, Room 203
  Jonas Hunziker
Information Technology Coordinator
Hartfield Library, Room 203 
  Tracy Sword 
Information Technology Specialist 
Hartfield Library, Room 203