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President's Cabinet

Working together to help our students reach their highest potential

HCC's President's Cabinet are experienced teachers, counselors, and educators who care deeply about the personal and professional success of Henderson Community College students.

Here is a link to which Cabinet officer handles which area through the college organizational chart. Please feel free to contact any of the cabinet members:

Reneau Waggoner Dr. Reneau Waggoner
ADM 114
Bill Dixon Mr. Bill Dixon
Director of Cultural Diversity
SCR 103
Brian McMurtry Mr. Brian McMurtry
Director of Knowledge Management
STC 318
Katelyn Hopman Ms. Katelyn Hopman
Coordinator of Public Relations
AD 107
Jennifer Preston Ms. Jennifer R. Preston
Chief Institutional Advancement Officer
Executive Director, College Foundation, Inc.
ADM 118
Christina Stinson Ms. Christina Stinson
Chief Business Officer
ADM 111A