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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Henderson Community College is appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and serves four functions:

  1. Recommends candidates for the community college President when the position is vacant.
  2. Evaluates the community college president and advises the Chancellor of the president's performance.
  3. Approves budget requests for recommendation to KCTCS.
  4. Adopts and amends an annual operating budget and submits it through appropriate channels to the Board of Regents of KCTCS.

The Henderson Community College directors are:

Chair (2020-2025)
Ms. Jennifer M. Keach

Mr. Dwight Williams

Ms. Jennifer Andrews

Mr. Eric Gardner
Mr. Patrick Keegan O'Daniel
Ms. Ashley Wurth-Brown
Mr. Ty Rideout
Ms. Ellie Kellen, Student Representative
Ms. Katie Griffis: Faculty Representative
Ms. Tracy Sword: Staff Representative

President & CEO
Jason D. Warren, Ph.D.