Online/Distance Learners

Earn college credits from the comfort of your own home.

Do you want to go to college but your busy schedule is keeping you from taking classes during the day or evening? Would you like to take a few courses to better your career? Do you want to come back to college to finish your degree? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then Henderson Community College's Distance Learning program may be right for you! You can choose from over 1000 online courses offered through Henderson Community College and the Kentucky Community & Technical College System, KCTCS. In many cases, you can complete your entire degree or a certificate program without ever coming to campus!

Online Learning can be an ideal choice for students who are unable to attend classes on campus due to scheduling conflicts or other commitments. if you are interested in online learning, please review the Readiness Quiz and KCTCS Learn by Term Orientation, you can even take a video tour of one of our online courses as well!

KCTCS and HCC are committed to accessible and successful education for our students.  To ensure that KCTCS and HCC can continue to provide the extra technological and support services necessary for students to be successful in their online classes, a new charge of $20 per credit hour for ONLINE courses only is beginning in the fall term of 2017 (classes that begin in August 2017 or later). Federal financial aid (including Pell grants) will pay for this charge. This is not a mandatory charge—you can avoid the online course fee by taking the class on campus in the classroom setting.

The distance learning course charge applies to those courses that have the majority of the learning activity done online with minimal need for in-person campus visits.  Most colleges and universities have some type of charge for online courses to help cover the additional costs of technology and support.  While KCTCS and HCC have avoided this type of charge for many years, the charge is now needed to ensure students are supported. In keeping with our mission, this charge is considerably lower than what most four-year institutions in the state charge for distance learning courses. Online courses provide ease of access and help students juggle work, family and college—this charge helps KCTCS and HCC ensure support of your success.!

  "Learn by Term" refers to the most common type of online class. You'll have a predetermined start date and a predetermined end date, and you'll be completing the class alongside other classmates (virtually, at least). There are a couple of ways to enroll in a Learn by Term course, through Kentucky Virtual Campus otherwise known as or the same way you would for an in-person course, through your home KCTCS college. While these courses are completed online, some require proctored exams and lab activities that may take place at an approved location convenient for the student. For more details about this kind of online course, click "Learn by Term" at the left.

A revolution in online education, Learn on Demand offers both parent courses and bite-size classes, called modules, which are about 3-5 weeks long. Learn on Demand parent course offerings are 15 weeks long and include all modules required in a parent course. You can start on a schedule you choose. Modules build toward complete parent courses for accredited, affordable degrees, certificates, and diplomas. While these courses are primarily offered online, some require proctored exams and lab activities that may take place at an approved location convenient for the student. For more details about this kind of online course, click "Learn on Demand" at the left.

Henderson Community College offers you the opportunity to earn a degree online, take classes that lead to a degree, or will transfer to another college.

If you are interested in Henderson Community College and Learn by Term courses, begin by completing the Henderson Community College online application.

Providing our students convenient options is important to Henderson Community College and the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS). KCTCS Colleges partner together to offer many online programs and classes. With our online bookstore and 24-hour assistance, you can complete entire programs in the comfort of your own home or office. If you need any help along the way, please contact Jon Reidford, HCC's Distance Learning Coordinator, at 270-831-9829. 

When you're a Henderson Community College student, you're making the journey to a great new career on your own. Our committed and experienced instructors are here to ensure your success in a variety of challenging and rewarding academic programs. Whether you wish to pursue one of our cutting-edge, career-focused programs or select a degree plan that transfers to a four-year college, Henderson Community College is a great place to start. Regardless of your choice, you'll graduate with the knowledge and skills you need for whatever journey you choose.
Jon Reidford
Distance Learning Coordinator
Academic Technical Building
Room 205J
Tammie Zuber
Assistant Registrar
Sullivan Technology Center
Room 237