Complete your entire degree or a certificate program without ever coming to campus! When you're a Henderson Community College online student, you're making the journey to a great new career on your own. Our committed and experienced instructors are here to ensure your success in a variety of challenging and rewarding online academic programs. Whether your goal is to pursue one of our cutting-edge, career-focused programs or choose a degree plan transferable to a four-year college, HCC is a great place to start! Regardless of your choice, you'll graduate with the knowledge and skills you need for whatever journey you choose. Check out the available online options below:

HCC offers online credentials in the following formats:

Associate in Arts - AA
Requires satisfactory completion of 60 credits, including the general education requirements as specified in the KCTCS Board of Regents Policies 4.11 and 4.12 and program requirements, with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. Upon completion student is General Education certified and can then transfer to a four-year college or university.
Associate in Science - AS
Associate in Applied Science - AAS
Certificate - C Requires satisfactory completion of an approved curriculum with a grade point average of at least 2.0 in the courses required for the certificate. Certification programs provide marketable, entry-level skills and qualify students to take external licensure, vendor-based, or skill standard examinations in the field.

HCC offers online programs in the areas of:


  • Agriculture (AAS, C)
  • Agriculture Business/Marketing (AAS, C)
  • Sustainable Agriculture (AAS, C)
  • Agronomy (AAS, C)
  • Agriculture Education (AAS, C)
  • Horticulture Education (AAS, C)

Program Contact: Dr. Laura Winstead (270.831.9720)

Associate in Arts

  • Associate in Arts - General (AA)

Program Contact: Lorie Maltby (270.831.9828)

Associate in Science

  • Associate in Science - General (AS)

Program Contact: Lorie Maltby (270.831.9828)

Business Administration

  • Accounting (AAS, C)
  • Accounting Recordkeeping Specialist (C)
  • Advanced Business Administration (C)
  • Human Resources (AAS, C)
  • Management (AAS, C)
  • Business Transfer (C)
  • Entrepreneurship (C)
  • Financial Perspectives (C)
  • General Business (C)
  • Leadership (C)
  • Operations Management (C)
  • Payroll Accounting Specialist (C)
  • Small Business Management (C)
  • Supervisory Management (C)
  • Team Leadership (C)
  • Public Leadership (C)

Program Contact: Barry Phelps (270.831.9678)

Computer and Information Technologies

  • CIT Business Software and Support (AAS)
    • Business Software Specialist
    • Computer Support
    • Software Support
  • CIT Information Security (AAS)
    • Microsoft Windows
    • CISCO
    • UNIX/Linux
  • CIT Network Administration (AAS)
    • Microsoft Windows Administration
    • CISCO Network Associate
  • CIT Programming (AAS)
    • Programming Information Systems
    • Programming Software Development
  • CIT General Option (AAS)
  • CIT Computer Technician (C)
  • CIT Fundamentals (C)
  • CIT Productivity Software Specialist (C)
  • CIT Computer Tech Basic (C)
  • CIT Information Security Specialist  (C)
  • CIT Microsoft Network Administrator (C)
  • CIT A+ Prep (C)
  • CIT Net + Prep (C)
  • CIT Security + Prep (C)
  • CIT Programming (C)
  • CIT Digital Forensics (C)
  • CIT Mobile Apps Development (C)

Program Contact: Dr. Michelle Chappell (270.831.9817)