What companies are eligible for KCTCS-TRAINS funding?

  • All companies* in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are eligible for KCTCS-TRAINS funding.
  • *Government agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions are not eligible.
  • KCTCS-TRAINS will support projects for:
    • existing Kentucky companies that are requiring employees to learn new skills in their jobs
    • companies that are contributing to Kentucky s economic development

When can you apply for KCTCS-TRAINS?

  • Companies can apply at any time; projects are reviewed on a regular basis.

What is the process for obtaining KCTCS-TRAINS funding?

  • Contact your local college Workforce Solutions department to obtain more information.
  • The college will complete the application and submit the project for approval.

Can KCTCS-TRAINS be used to pay for employee wages while in training or on-the-job-training?

  • No, KCTCS-TRAINS does not pay for employee wages or on-the-job-training.

What type of training is funded by KCTCS-TRAINS?

  • Most of the customized training programs delivered to business and industry by a KCTCS college is eligible for funding.

Is there a dollar limit on KCTCS-TRAINS funding?

  • No, all usual and customary fees charged by the college are eligible for funding.

What is the time limit on KCTCS-TRAINS projects?

  • All projects are funded for a period of six months with the potential for a project extension.

How many times can a company apply for KCTCS-TRAINS funding?

  • There is no limit on the number of times a company can receive funding.

What is the company cash match for KCTCS-TRAINS projects?

  • Companies are required to pay 25% of the cost and KCTCS-TRAINS reimburses the college directly for the remaining 75%.
  • Colleges will work with the company to identify a schedule for invoicing and companies are invoiced after services are delivered.

Can equipment be purchased for companies using KCTCS-TRAINS?

  • No, KCTCS-TRAINS will not purchase equipment for a company.
  • Equipment may be purchased for a project but will remain the property of KCTCS-TRAINS.
  • The cost of the equipment is not included in the company cash match.