When a student does not have access to withdraw/drop a course, they can initiate the withdraw/drop using a form in Student Self- Service.

From the Student Homepage:

1. Click the Academic Records tile.

Peoplesoft screen shot 1


2. Click the Withdraw/Drop Request from the left hand menu. Current personal data displays.
Peoplesoft screen shot 2


3. At the bottom of the page, click on the slider bar to change acknowledgement from No to Yes to proceed. Click Continue. Note: if any changes need to be made, use the update buttons for each section.Peoplesoft screen shot 3


4. Click the magnifying glass  to search for the term to withdraw/drop a class.

Peoplesoft screen shot 4


5. An acknowledgement statement appears. Click on the slider bar to change acknowledgement from No to Yes to proceed.

Peoplesoft screen shot 5


6. Pending Withdraw/drop requests and the Current Class Schedule appears. Classes in the Current Class Schedule can be selected to drop by placing a checkmark in the box next to the appropriate class(es).

Peoplesoft screen shot 6


7. In the Reason for withdraw/drop, select the drop down arrow to select a reason for dropping the class and click the Continue button that appears.Peoplesoft screen shot 7


8. Answer each of the questions concerning assistance and then click Continue. Note: The slider bars are defaulted to “No”. If answering “Yes”, click the slider bar to change it to “Yes.”

Peoplesoft screen shot 9


9. If everything appears correct, select the Submit button.

Peoplesoft screen shot 7


10. Click Return or click the Home icon to return to the Student Homepage.