Services | HCC


Name Title Phone Office
Bays, John "Dylan" Psychology Instructor 270-831-9645 AD219
Beauchamp, Lauren Academic Advisor III - Dual Credit 270-831-9712 ST225
Becker, Kara Associate Professor 270-831-9793 AT202B
Blair, Adam Division Chair, Assistant Professor 270-831-9689 ADM119
Blohm-Jenkins, Katlyn Technical Program Facilitator  270-831-9640 STC221
Blohm-Thompson, Amanda Apprenticeship Project Coordinator 270-831-9835 STC227
Bolser, Elaina Nursing Instructor 270-831-9744 AT314D
HCC Bookstore General Bookstore Number 270-831-9781 AT110
Brown, Victoria "Tori" Communications Instructor 270-831-9641 AD217
Buchanan, Pam KY Adult Education Director 270-831-9649 STC210
Burris, Laura Nursing Instructor 270-831-9741 AT314E
Busboom, Jordan Preston Arts Center Technical Director 270-831-9810 PA236
Cardwell, Holly KNAT Coordinator  270-831-9647 AT205C
Cates, Miriam KY Adult Education Specialist 270-831-9655 STC208
Chandler, Mark Medical Assisting Program Coordinator/Instructor 270-831-9771 AT205C
Charville, Zach Maintenance & Operations Supervisor 270-831-9632 STC314
Chappell, Michelle, Dr. CIT Program Coordinator & Professor 270-831-9817 AS225
Crick, Sarah Director of Nursing/Assistant Professor 270-831-9736 AT314C
Dixon, Michelle Marketing & Media Manager 270-831-9773 AD107
Duncan, Amy Manager of Human Resources 270-831-9617 AD111a
Duncan, Katie Allied Health Instructor 270-831-9734 AT205G
Eckels, Ryan KYAE Instructor  270-831-9662 ST222 
Elliott, James Student Resources Officer 270-831-9708 AT105B
Franks, Kelli HR & Academic Affairs Assistant  270-831-9624 AD111 
French, Jeff Maintenance Tech 270-831-9808 ST121
Gatten, Marissa Manager of Business Operations 270-831-9656 STC300
Guess, Karen Executive Administrative Assistant 270-831-9757 AD110
Hammonds, Jeffrey Math Instructor 270-831-9721 AS227
Heerdink, Joe IT Manager 270-831-9615 LIB203
Heflin, Lisa Nursing Instructor 270-831-9731 AT314A
Horning, Allison Interim Director/Hartfield Library 270-831-9760 LB100
Howell, Stacey PAC Community Liaison 270-831-9803 PAC208
Humbert, Jaimie English Instructor 270-831-9638 AD210
Hunt, Cathy Biology Professor 270-577-0799  
Hunziker, Jonas IT Coordinator 270-831-9717 LIB203C
Ivy, Laura Coordinator/Student Engagement-Retention 270-831-9661 STC211
Jobe, Jason Career Services Assistant 270-831-9738 STC235
Johnson, April Coordinator of Community Engagement & Belonging 270-831-9783 STC214
Jones, Mei Hong Math Assistant Professor 270-831-9639 A&S208
Joy, Brian Business Associate Professor 270-831-9691 A&S228
Klem, Heather Nursing Instructor 270-831-9743 AT314I
Knecht, Kaitlin KY Adult Education Instructor 270-831-9690 STC206
Knecht, Mike Professor/Chief Academic Officer 270-831-9625 AD115
Laird, Whitney Director of Financial Aid & Veterans Services 270-831-9791 STC221
Lewis, Heather Head Start Infant Room 270-831-9756  
Lea, Kathryn Chief Business Officer 270-831-9620 STC318
Matthis, Lauren Nursing Instructor 270-831-9753 AT314G
Mason, Carrington Business Operations Specialist 270-831-9752 STC312
McKendree, Cheryl Administrative Assistant (Humanities, Social Sciences and Mathematics) 270-831-9684 ADM211
McMurtry, Brian Director of Knowledge Management 270-831-9674 AD118
Morales, Gil Welding Coordinator 270-831-9832 WLD112
Murray, Bridget Early Childhood Professor 270-831-9679 A&S109
Patsalides, Eugenios CIT Professor 270-831-9688 A&S223
Phelps, Barry Division Chair/Associate Professor 270-831-9678 A&S222
Phillips, Dr. Chad Dean of Enrollment Management 270-831-9614 STC217
Phillips, Cheri Biology Instructor 270-831-9814 AS210
Powell, Jessica Head Start Preschool Room 270-831-9748  
Ramage, GeGe Head Start Enrollment Office 270-831-9670  
Reidford, Jon Distance Learning Coordinator/Web Coordinator 270-831-9829 LIB110
Reynolds, Samantha Workforce Training Specialist 270-831-9845 STC229
Roberts, Bobbi Division Chair/Medical Lab Technician Program Coordinator 270-831-9818 AT205F
Smith, Mark IMT Program Coordinator 270-831-9831 STC114
Stumph, Vickie Admissions Specialist 270-831-9630 STC237
Sword, Tracy Tech Specialist 270-831-9693 LIB203C
Taylor, Dr. Scott Communications Associate Professor 270-993-4568 A&S204
Walker, Dana Administrative Assistant 270-831-9740 AT314F
Warren, Ph.D. Dr. Jason President and Chief Executive Officer 270-831-9626 ADM110
Watson, Angie Career Services Coordinator 270-831-9671 STC225
Watwood, Abby Nursing Instructor 270-831-9780 AT314J
Wehr, Leigh Ann Ready To Work Coordinator 270-831-9631 STC233
Wells, Rebecca Math Professor 270-831-9682 A&S213
Whitledge, Rick Maintenance Tech 270-831-9808 ST121
Williams, Stacey Administrative Assistant (Science and Technology) 270-831-9714 A&S218
Winstead, Dr. Laura Professor/Program Coordinator 270-831-9720 A&S214
Woods, Katherine English Instructor 270-831-9646 AD212
Zuber, Tammie Registrar 270-831-9716 STC219
  Technology Solutions    
Heerdink, Joe Work 832-2843 LIB203
  Office 270-831-9615  
  Cell 812-457-3603  
Help Desk   270-831-9616 LIB203
B&N   270-831-9781  
  Murray State University    
Steely, Mary   270-831-5111  ADM
Roy, Heather   270-831-5111  ADM
Blair, Adam   270-831-9689  ADM
Paterson, Eboney   270-831-5111  ADM
  Voc Rehab / KY Career Center    
Crews, Donna   502-764-1269  ADM
Johnson, Jessica   502-764-1268  ADM
Joest, Sid   502-764-1266  ADM
Biggs, Kasey   270-831-9664  ADM
Parkison, Denise   502-764-1270  ADM
Shelton, Micki   502-782-1865  ADM
Wilson, Cassandra   502-764-1267  ADM
  KPCA (Kentucky Primary Care Association)    
Greenwell, Karolann Kynector Coordinator 270-831-9830 ST223
Head Start   270-831-9748  
Head Start (infants)   270-831-9756  
CDL Truck Driving   877-308-9638  
HCC MAIN   270- 827-1867 or 800-696-9958  
Academic Advising   270-827-6158  
Admissions/Records   270-831-9739  
Business Office   270-831-9618  
Financial Aid   270-831-9628  
KY Adult Ed Shared   270-831-9648  
Library Reference/Main   270-831-9767  
Start Center   270-831-9622  
Student Services   270-831-9623  
STC Welcome Center   270-831-9635  
VocRehab Secretary   270-831-9660  
SMC Custodial   270-831-9719 AT105A
  Part Time Offices    
AS219   270-831-9726  
AS227   270-831-9721  
AT105-B   270-831-9069  
AT205-C   270-831-9659  
AT205   270-831-9738  
AT 205-I   270-831-9830  
AT210   270-831-9651  
AT314   270-831-9753  
LB103   270-831-9702  
LB207   270-831-9818  
WeldClass-102   270-831-9787  
Weld 112-PT   270-831-9832  
Emergency   9-911  

*updated 6/26/2024