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Grow your knowledge by studying agriculture. You’ll explore sustainable and organic methods, plant science, field management, equipment maintenance and animal care.

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What is Agriculture?

For decades, agriculture has been associated with production of essential food crops. At present, agriculture above and beyond farming includes forestry, dairy, fruit cultivation, poultry, bee keeping, mushroom, arbitrary, small animal care, hemp production, etc. Today, processing, marketing and distribution of crops and livestock products, education and so many more are all acknowledged as part of current agriculture.

Kentucky is home to 76,500 farms across 13 million acres of land.  The Agriculture Degree is designed to prepare students for entry-level career opportunities in the field of agriculture technology and agricultural-related services.  The degree is designed for students who seek entry-level jobs as well as for currently employed individuals wishing to broaden their skills for career enhancement.


Student Spotlight: Breaking Boundaries - Emma Sharkey's Journey from Uncertainty to Agricultural Success
Female ag student observing plants.

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Length of Program:

You can earn an associate in applied science degree in two years if you maintain full-time status.

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