In the event of inclement weather-related closings or delays, Henderson Community College will notify students, employees, and the general public using the following methods:

  1. Social Media: Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Text Alerts: Anyone can sign up to receive a text alert. See detailed instructions below.
  3. Emails: Emails will be sent to your email address.
  4. Local Media: Notifications will be sent to local media including WEHT-TV25, WFIE-TV14, EVV-TV44, WSON, WMSK, WKDQ, WSTO, and WIKY. Notifications will be posted as quickly as the stations allow.
  5. The HCC website will display a banner with information regarding a delay or closing.

STUDENTS will receive alerts through 1) calls to your 10-digit preferred phone number, 2) text messages to any mobile number listed in your student record, and 3) emails to your email address. Note any text charges would apply. 

Students should check their current SNAP status and/or update their contact information by logging into the Student Self-Service Center.

Your instructor(s) will notify you of work/class time to be completed for any canceled classes. If your class is held at Henderson County High School, your class will follow the high school weather closure schedule. If your class is held at the HCC Herron Center in Morganfield, the class will follow the college's weather closure schedule.

KCTCS EMPLOYEES Update your contact information in PeopleSoft. You'll receive SNAP alerts through 1) messages at your work extension, 2) text messages sent to any mobile number listed in PeopleSoft, and 3) an email message sent to your email address.

PARENTS, BOARD, OR COMMUNITY MEMBERS who are interested in receiving emergency text messages from HCC can sign up here.