Services | HCC


Name Title Phone Office
Becker, Kara Associate Professor 270-831-9793 AT202B
Blair, Adam Instructor, MSU Educ Program Coordinator 270-831-9689 ADM119
Blohm-Thompson, Amanda Apprenticeship Project Coordinator 270-831-9835 STC314
Bolser, Elaina Instructor 270-831-9744 AT314D
HCC Bookstore General Bookstore Number 270-831-9781 AT110
Brown, Jacob Hispanic Recruiter 270-831-9706 STC235
Buchanan, Pam KY Adult Education Director 270-831-9649 STC200
Burris, Laura Instructor 270-831-9741 AT314A
TBD Student Resources Officer 270-831-9708 AT105B
  cell: x  
Burton, Sharon Professor 270-831-9646 ADM212
Chandler, Mark Medical Assisting Program Coordinator/Instructor 270-831-9771 AT205C
Chappell, Dr. Michelle CIT Program Coordinator & Associate Professor 270-831-9817 AS225
Crick, Sarah Interim Nursing Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor 270-831-9736 AT314G
Duncan, Amy Business Office Assistant 270-831-9618 AD111
Farber, Fred Instructor 270-831-9683 STC116
Furbush, Frank Associate Professor 270-831-9725 AT205H
Guess, Karen Executive Administrative Assistant 270-831-9757 AD110
Hammonds, Jeffrey Instructor 270-831-9721 AS227
Heerdink, Joe IT Manager 270-831-9615 LIB203
Herald, Trevor Start Center Administrative Assist 270-831-9759 ST212
Horning, Allison Library Staff 270-831-9760 LB100
Howell, Stacey PAC Community Liaison 270-831-9803 PAC208
Humbert, Jaimie Instructor 270-831-9638 AD210
Hunt, Cathy Professor 270-577-0799  
Hunziker, Jonas IT Coordinator 270-831-9717 LIB203C
Ivy, Laura Coordinator/Student Engagement-Retention 270-831-9661 STC221
Johnson, April Senior Administrative Assistant 270-831-9624 ADM115
Jones, Kim Human Resources Director (HCC) 270-831-9617 ADM119
Jones, Kim Human Resources Director (MCC) 824-8649  
Jones, Mei Hong Assistant Professor 270-831-9639 A&S208
Joy, Brian Associate Professor 270-831-9691 A&S228
Joy, Lilia Division Chair/Professor 270-831-9641 A&S209
Keen, Heather Nursing Instructor 270-831-9780 AT314G
Knecht, Kaitlin KY Adult Education Instructor 270-831-9690 STC207
Knecht, Mike Professor/Library Director/Interim Dean Academic Affairs 270-831-9761 LIB100A
Laird, Whitney Director of Financial Aid & Veterans Services 270-831-9791 STC221
Lewis, Heather Head Start Infant Room 270-831-9756  
Lea, Kathryn Chief Business Officer 270-831-9620 STC318
Maltby, Lorie Professor 270-831-9677 ADM101
Maltby, Lorie Transfer Coordinator 270-831-9828 ADM101
TBD Maintenance & Operations Supervisor 270-831-9632 AD017
Mattingly, Dr. Carole Division Chair/Associate Professor 270-831-9786 AT314H
Mayes, Collin PAC Production Manager/Technical Director 270-831-9810 PA238
McGovern, Kim Instructor/KNAT Coordinator 270-831-9734 AT205B
McKendree, Cheryl Division Administrative Assistant 270-831-9684 ADM211
McMurtry, Brian Director of Knowledge Management 270-831-9674 STC318
Melton, Holli Public Relations Coordinator 270-831-9773 AD107
Morales, Gil Welding Coordinator 270-831-9832 WLD112
Murray, Bridget Professor 270-831-9679 A&S202
Myers, Joanna Biology Instructor 270-831-9814 A&S210
Patsalides, Eugenios Professor 270-831-9688 A&S223
Phelps, Barry Division Chair/Associate Professor 270-831-9678 A&S222
Phillips, Dr. Chad Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar 270-831-9614 STC229
Powell, Jessica Head Start Preschool Room 270-831-9748  
Ramage, GeGe Head Start Enrollment Office 270-831-9670  
Reidford, Jon Distance Learning Coordinator/Web Coordinator 270-831-9829 AT205J
Reynolds, Samantha Workforce Training Specialist 270-831-9845 STC316
Roberts, Bobbi Medical Lab Technician Program Coordinator/Instructor 270-831-9818 AT205F
Sgorcea, Elaine KY Adult Education English/Reading/Language Arts Instructor 270-831-9655 STC208
Smith, Mark IMT Program Coordinator 270-831-9831 STC114
Stumph, Vickie Admissions Specialist 270-831-9630 STC237
Sword, Tracy Tech Specialist 270-831-9693 LIB203C
Taylor, Dr. Scott Associate Professor 270-831-9681 A&S224
Thurman, Susie Adjunct Faculty 270-831-9751 ADM217
Tweddell, Vince Transition Navigator 270-831-9640 STC233
Walker, Dana Administrative Assistant 270-831-9740 AT314F
Warren, Ph.D. Dr. Jason President and Chief Executive Officer 270-831-9626 ADM110
Watson, Angie Career Services Coordinator 270-831-9671 STC225
Wells, Rebecca Professor 270-831-9682 A&S213
Whitledge, Rick Maintenance Tech 270-831-9808 ST121
Williams, Stacey Administrative Assistant I (STEM) 270-831-9714 A&S218
Winstead, Dr. Laura Professor/Program Coordinator 270-831-9720 A&S214
Zuber, Tammie Assistant Registrar 270-831-9716 STC219
  Technology Solutions    
Heerdink, Joe Work 832-2843 LIB203
  Office 270-831-9615  
  Cell 812-457-3603  
Help Desk   270-831-9616 LIB203
  Murray State University    
Steely, Mary   270-809-1622  ADM
Roy, Heather   270-831-5111  ADM
Blair, Adam   270-831-9689  ADM
Paterson, Eboney   270-831-5111  ADM
  Voc Rehab / KY Career Center    
Crews, Donna   270-831-9663  ADM
Jackson, Leslie   270-831-9664  ADM
Joest, Sid   270-831-9666  ADM
Medley, Lisa   270-831-9846  ADM
Revlett, Darren   270-831-9660  ADM
Shelton, Micki   270-831-9664  ADM
Wilson, Cassandra   270-831-9667  ADM
Head Start   19748  
Head Start (infants)   19756  
CDL Truck Driving   877-308-9638  
HCC MAIN   270- 827-1867 or 800-696-9958  
Academic Advising   270-827-6158  
Admissions/Records   270-831-9739  
Business Office   270-831-9618  
Financial Aid   19628  
KY Adult Ed Shared   19648  
Library Cataloging   19764  
Library Reference   19767  
Start Center   19622  
Student Services   19623  
ST Welcome Center   19635  
VocRehab Secretary   19660  
Scott, Shawna SMC Lead (Custodial) 270-831-9719 AT105A
  Part Time Offices    
AS219   19726  
AS227   19721  
AT105-B   19069  
AT205-C   19659  
AT205   19738  
AT 205-I   19830  
AT210   19651  
AT314   19753  
LB103   19702  
LB207   19818  
WeldClass-102   19787  
Weld 112-PT   19832  
Emergency   9-911