PeopleSoft data will be migrating to the cloud. The way that you use PeopleSoft will not change due to this transition. PeopleSoft will continue to look, feel, and function the same way it does now. Faculty and staff should be aware that PeopleSoft will be unavailable during the migration window, scheduled for Thursday, February 22nd at 6 pm through Sunday, February 25th.

Outage includes:

  • Student Self-Service
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Campus Solutions
  • HRMS
  • Financials
  • DSS

Need to know graphic
Cloud Migration
PeopleSoft data is migrating to the cloud. The migration is required by our provider. There will be no changes to the way you use PeopleSoft. After the transition, PeopleSoft will function the same way it does now.

Time of Migration
During the migration window (beginning at 6 PM on Thursday, February 22) Faculty, staff and students will not have access to PeopleSoft HRMS, PeopleSoft Financials or Campus Solutions. Software that integrates with PeopleSoft may not work or will have outdated information.

URL changes
PeopleSoft URLs will change due to the migration. Use MyPath for PeopleSoft access. MyPath will always be current. URL’s on college websites will be updated by Web Shared Services.

Plan ahead
Complete tasks in PeopleSoft that are time sensitive ahead of the migration window.
Communicate with your team about the migration window and how it impacts your
area. Update URL’s in communications that you send to faculty, staff or students outside of PeopleSoft.

Watch for communication
Look for specific communication related to your area. Blackboard LMS will be available during the migration window. Submit an IT Help Desk Ticket for any issues with integrations after the migration window is complete.