Published on Apr 1, 2024

Brainfuse is now up and running for all HCC students. Brainfuse is an online tutoring service that offers students 24/7 access to a live tutor as well as an online cache of learning modules, flashcards, practice tests, and more. With a satisfaction rating of 98% amongst students and 93% amongst faculty,  Brainfuse tutors provide not only personalized, intentional collaboration with students, but also have the ability to meet students where they are at in their individual skill level. With Brainfuse online tutoring, you can conquer tough subjects, access flexible scheduling, and boost grades with personalized support. Whether it’s brushing up on math, conquering tricky science concepts, or improving your writing skills, Brainfuse tutors are here to help you succeed. Additionally, Brainfuse offers an extensive collection of self-guided tools, including:

  • SkillSurfer, a comprehensive library of lessons and practice tests in a variety of core subjects.
  • Diagnostic tests for targeted academic support
  • Flashbulb, a versatile flashcard tool with a library of content and creative features to refresh study habits.
  • Foreign language lab with on-demand tutoring support and a robust vocabulary builder for students

Student success is important to HCC, and access to online tutor services is a big part of that success.  Institutions that use Brainfuse, including many of our sister colleges across KCTCS, boast of 11-15% higher retention rates. As you can see, Brainfuse will clearly be an asset to HCC.

For access, students can easily navigate our updated tutoring webpage and simply click the Brainfuse logo for SSO access. Included are some instructional and informational videos on how to use the service.

Brainfuse graphic