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Help registered pharmacists prepare medications. There’s a growing demand for pharmacy techs as our population ages and new drugs go on the market every day.

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What is Pharmacy Technology?

Pharmacy Technicians help prepare the medications you need.

The pharmacy technician performs technical functions under the direction of a Registered Pharmacist including prescription preparation, inventory, repackaging and compounding. 

What are my career options?

A few examples of workplaces in your local area:

Pharmacy technicians can work in either a community or institutional pharmacy. Community pharmacies consist of chain, franchise, independent, and mail-order pharmacies. Institutional pharmacies include hospital, home healthcare, long-term care facilities, and managed-care pharmacies.

There is a need for Pharmacy Technicians in our area. As life-saving drugs continue to get approved and the population continues to age, the need for pharmacy technicians will continue. Statistics from the US Department of Labor show that employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow much faster than average through 2014. 

Academic Plans

Application for Certificate, Diploma, or Degree

Two-Year Schedule

A certificate is earned by a student after taking a series of courses in a particular subject. Students often earn certificates to get a step ahead in the professional field of their interest, and certificates may be offered in similar programs leading to degrees.

Additional Resources / Training

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Prior to enrolling in PHA 150 or PHA 250, Pharmacy Experience (clinical), students are required to provide documentation of required immunizations, pass a criminal background check and complete the required drug screening.

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Length of Program

Please check the KCTCS Catalog for more information.  You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements. 

Field Licensure Requirements

In addition to completing the program, students must past a national certification exam to become certified as a pharmacy technician. State licensure and testing may also be required by some states. Visit your state Board of Pharmacy site for individual state requirements. CPR certification at healthcare provider level, proof of immunizations, background checks, and drug screens are required after a student is admitted and prior to starting the first semester of the program.

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