Henderson Community College
Medical Laboratory Technician Program

As you leave the MLT program, how well prepared do you feel you are in the following areas?

(Select one number for each item)

Excellent (1)
Good (2)
Average (3)
Marginal (4)
Poor (5)
Don’t know/NA (6)

Collection of venous blood
Collection of capillary blood
Laboratory calculations
Physical examination of urine
Chemical examination of urine
Microscopic examination of urine
Body fluid analysis
Manual cell counting
Operation of electronic cell counter
Differential blood cell counting and elevation
Coagulation testing
Operation of automated systems in clinical chemistry
Performance of manual chemical tests
Performance of routine serological testing
Disposal of contaminated materials
Reading of gram stains
Reading of other differential stains
Selection of media for specific specimen types
Identification of unknown mycological agents
Identification of unknown parasites
Performance of antimicrobial susceptibility tests
Typing of blood
Identification of irregular antibodies
Crossmatching blood
Verbal communication skills
Written communication skills
Following protocol
Quality control
Problem solving
Legal and ethical practices
Overall, general preparation for exam and entry-level skills