Henderson Community College
Medical Laboratory Technician Program

The primary goal of a medical laboratory technician program is to prepare each graduate to function as a competent, entry-level MLT. This survey is designed to help program faculty determine their program’s strengths and those areas that need improvement. All data will be kept confidential and will be used for program evaluation purposes only. We request that this survey be completed by the graduate’s immediate supervisor.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Consider each item separately and rate each item independently of all others. Select the rating that indicates the extent to which you agree with each statement. Please do not skip any item.

5 = Strongly Agree
4 = Agree
3 = Neutral (acceptable)
2 = Disagree
1 = Strongly Disagree

Cognitive Domain:

The graduate:

Has entry-level clinical laboratory knowledge appropriate to his/her level of training.

Psychomotor Domain:

The graduate:

Is able to collect and process specimens appropriately.
Is able to perform appropriate diagnostic laboratory procedures as directed.

Affective Domain:

The graduate:

Uses good judgment while functioning in the healthcare setting.
Communicates effectively in the healthcare setting.
Conducts himself/herself in an ethical and professional manner.
Functions effectively as a member of the healthcare team.
Accepts supervision and works effectively with supervisory personnel.
Is self-directed and responsible for his/her actions.
Arrives to work prepared and on time.
Contributes to a positive environment in the department.
Overall, this graduate is a well prepared employee.