Safety on Campus | HCC

Safety on Campus

In case of an in lab/class accident on campus that requires immediate attention, the student will be taken to the nearest immediate care facility or 911 will be called to provide emergency care. The student will be responsible for all costs involved.

Students who are pregnant must submit written permission from a physician to participate in externship hours.  After surgery and/or hospitalization, a physician’s release to return to clinicals is required. The purpose of the statement is not to exclude the student from the program, but rather to safeguard the student and the student’s clients.  If any of the immunizations or PPD test are contraindicated due to pregnancy or other conditions, a physician’s statement should be submitted.

Students who become injured and/or exposed to bloodborne pathogens at the college or at the clinical site must complete an accident form at the facility and the College accident form (FM 84) immediately.  The coordinator will assist the student in completing the form FM 84.  Additional laboratory tests may be required and obtained at the Henderson County Health Department at the student’s expense. 

Due to the risk factor involved in transmission of bloodborne pathogens and the liability related to injury from discarded injection needles, the following policy will be adopted until further notice.  Do not take syringes or needles out of the classroom.  Place used needles and syringes in a sharps red plastic container marked biohazardous materials.  Anyone injured by a needle must report the accident and complete an accident report. Routine puncture wound care will be initiated.  This may include application of an antiseptic agent and Band-Aid, tetanus injection from your family physician, and follow up lab work. This will be at the student’s expense.  This is for your own protection.