Guidelines for Externship Experiences | HCC

Guidelines for Externship Experiences

  1. During the externship students will follow the office attendance policy as it relates to work hours, lunch periods, and break times specified by each site.
  2. The student will demonstrate an acceptance of supervision by putting into practice  directions and suggestions given by the voluntary faculty.
  3. The student will demonstrate an acceptable professional attitude by showing concern for patients' welfare, cooperating with co-workers, and communicating effectively.
  4. The student will demonstrate professional integrity by being honest and straight-forward at all times during all clinical activities and in all professional relationships.
  5. The student should demonstrate initiative through activities such as using time effectively, seeking further information, and performing additional assignments.
  6. The student will recognize their capabilities and work with self-confidence, but will also recognize limitations and not exceed duties specified by the voluntary faculty.
  7. The student will perform consistently accurate and precise work as measured by standards.
  8. The student will, at all times, practice safe work habits and specimen handling techniques according to established protocol.
  9. During the rotation, the student will develop the ability to produce a reasonable volume of work under normal conditions.
  10. Under the guidance of the voluntary faculty, the student will understand principles underlying procedures and effectively apply theory to practice.
  11. The student will exhibit knowledge of the proper use and care of equipment, supplies, and other medical resources as specified in procedures.
  12. The student will consistently perform routine quality control measures, understand their significance, and initiate remedial measures when appropriate or instructed to do so.
  13. The student will, at all times, record and report results accurately and completely, following established guidelines.
  14. Students will not receive compensation of any form for experiential hours.