Clinical Externship/Practicum Daily Worksheet | HCC

Clinical Externship/Practicum Daily Worksheet


The HCC Medical Assisting Student completes a Daily Worksheet for each shift the student completes. The Daily Worksheets are submitted to the HCC Supervising Clinical Faculty throughout the clinical externship/practicum.

The daily worksheet serves as an opportunity for the student, voluntary faculty, and supervising HCC clinical faculty to further assess the student’s progress doing the clinical experience. The daily worksheet also provides an opportunity for self-reflection by the student to support continued development by the student toward the professional role of Medical Assistant.

Time SHeet form

My goals for the day are:





Today, I applied the following competencies:






Reflection (What went well today? What are opportunities for me to improve? How am I growing in my professional experience?):







Voluntary Clinical Faculty Feedback:





Student Signature:



Voluntary Clinical Faculty Signature: