Appeal Procedures | HCC

Appeal Procedures

In the event a student wishes to appeal an externship evaluation, he or she should notify the program coordinator in writing.  The written request should clearly specify the issue(s) to be appealed.

A conference with the student will be held in an attempt to resolve the dispute.  The program coordinator/director shall then issue a written decision on the appeal.

Any further appeal must follow KCTCS required procedures for student appeals and can be obtained from the Admission’s office or on the HCC website in the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct. 

An individual student may not confront, dispute or take any other action that might be misconstrued as coercion towards any volunteer faculty or patient.

Should an appeal require voluntary faculty input, that input will be obtained in the appropriate appeal process.  Students will not discuss issues of appeal or dispute with any voluntary faculty without the presence of a program official.  Students may be dismissed from the program for failure to follow this protocol.