Student Policy Regarding Accidental Exposure | HCC

Student Policy Regarding Accidental Exposure

As a student at Henderson Community College, I understand that I am not entitled to compensation from any clinical facility to which I am assigned.

I further understand if while attending a class or lab, I have a parenteral or mucous membrane exposure to blood or other bodily fluid, included but not limited to, a cutaneous exposure because of skin which is chapped, abraded or has dermatitis; the Safety Officer and/or the Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator shall be immediately notified. An incident report shall be completed as soon as possible.

The Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator or designee will inform the source person* (if known) of the incident and request serological testing for evidence of HIV and Hepatitis B infection (regardless of previous testing for HIV and/or Hepatitis B.)  If the source person is able to produce evidence of prior Hepatitis B Vaccination, testing for Hepatitis B infection will not be necessary.  If the source person has AIDS, is HIV or Hepatitis B positive, refuses to the test, or is physically unavailable for testing, I will be urged to be evaluated clinically and serologically by the health care provider of my choice, for evidence of HIV or Hepatitis B infection as soon as possible after the exposure.  I will also be advised to seek medical attention for any acute febrile illness that occurs within 12 weeks after the exposure and on a periodic basis thereafter (e.g. 12 weeks and 6 months after exposure or as indicated by my personal physician.)  I realize that reports of all actions taken and the results thereafter must be filed with the Safety Officer and the Bloodborne Pathogens Coordinator on campus.

I understand that the above as well as all emergency healthcare will be at my own expense and that of my insurance carrier.

*Source person: A person from which another human is exposed to his/her blood or bodily fluids via parenteral, sexual, mucous membrane, cutaneous or perinatal contact.



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