We understand that you may have chosen to take a face-to-face class because you do not wish to complete a class online. Unfortunately with current global events, it is in our best interest to have content delivered remotely. The College and the Center for eLearning is here for you!

Blackboard Help for Students


As a KCTCS Student, you get a full featured version of Microsoft Office to use for free as long as you are a student. You can download and install this on your computer to use to help complete assignments.

Anyone with a KCTCS account has access to this software. Students, Faculty, and Staff can all use this tool. Meeting invites can even be sent out to those who do not have a KCTCS account.

We have been pushing Teams to all the campus computers, but you might find yourself without it. Here are some quick steps on how to get to Teams:

  1. Go Here: https://teams.microsoft.com/
  2. You might be asked for your username and password. Type it in and click OK.
    Teams image
  3. Boom… You are on Teams (the web version).
  4. What? You don’t like the Web Version of Teams? You want the real deal installed on your computer?
    1. Move your mouse to the bottom left hand side of the window and click on the little box with an arrow pointing down.
      Teams image
    2. It downloads a file to your computer. If you used Chrome to download it you can just click on the file and it will automatically install.
    3. Teams will now install on your computer and you can run it directly. By default Teams will also automatically run at computer startup.
We have a help guide in the event you have to troubleshoot Blackboard. If you still have questions, reach out to the GOKCTCS! Student Services Center at (855) GO-HCC44