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ENG100 Syllabus Example

ENG 100 Sample Syllabus

Catalog Course Description
English Workshop: Provides parallel and supplemental review of English skills needed for students [with appropriate placement] who are also enrolled in ENG 101. If these students withdraw from ENG 100, they must also withdraw from ENG 101. Credit cannot be received by special exam. Lecture: 2 credits (30 contact hours). Co-requisite: Enrollment in ENG 101.

ENG 101 Co-requisite
English Workshop (ENG 100) must be taken concurrently with Writing 1 (ENG 101). Please see your ENG 101 syllabus for course competencies, learning outcomes, and policies.

Course Summary
As a co-requisite of ENG 101, ENG 100 English Workshop will provide additional guidance, individual instruction, and short lectures for ENG 101 essays and assignments. Students should refer to the ENG 101 syllabus for classroom policies and deadlines.
In addition, the ENG 100 class will read and evaluate a book-length text (a non-fiction book or a novel) through written exercises and discussions. Reading inspires students, introducing them to greater ideas and improving their ability to think critically. Reading demonstrates a variety of writing styles and excellent examples, which can influence how students choose to write their essays. It also provides a foundation to class discussions, giving students something to talk about beyond their own personal experiences.

Course Outcomes
• successfully complete ENG 101
• analyze and improve personal writing strategies in ENG 101 assignments
• demonstrate the ability to see a project through to completion and on time
• expand skills of comprehension and retention in reading
• engage in class discussions of course material and exercise critical thinking
• take control of one’s learning, accept academic culture, and respect the learning environment

Required Supplies & Textbook
★A journal (or thin, spiral notebook) specifically for ENG 100
★ENG 100 will use the same textbook as ENG 101, The Curious Writer by Bruce Ballenger
The class will also read and evaluate a non-fiction book:
A Whole New Mind: Why Right-brainers Will Rule the Future - by Daniel H. Pink