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Hispanic/Latino Affairs

Henderson Community College’s Mission to Serve Hispanic/Latino Populations

Dr. Warren, Gabriela Gonzales, Kevin Gordillo, and Jacob Brown
Henderson Community College is intentional about interacting with the Latino population both on campus and in the community. We understand student performance and adapt to their strengths and weaknesses in order to promote their success. This is important to HCC because we strive for the highest degree of retention and degree completion for all students regardless of race or ethnicity.

HCC recognizes the benefits of a campus inclusive of Latino communities such as increased social awareness, improved communication in diverse settings, and stronger collaboration among people from different backgrounds. Our college works toward an inclusive campus through a heightened capacity for Spanish language services, increased Latino enrollment, and expanded awareness of issues related to Latino inclusion.

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One of our students, Arnulfo Ayala Martinez, submitted a video for a "KCTCS Better Lives" Video Contest. Arnulfo’s video received the most votes out of all 16 KCTCS institutions statewide!
See the video below:

Hispanic/Latino Resources

  • Financial aid – Lowest tuition in KY, FAFSA application assistance, and work-study programs
  • Scholarship and Grant opportunities – Federal and local funds that are not to be repaid
  • Career services - Career guidance, job placement, and transfer advising
  • Academic advising - Free academic advising, computer labs, tutoring, and library resources
  • DACA at HCC - KCTCS colleges accept all students regardless of their immigration status and graduates from a KY high school can enroll at Kentucky colleges/universities as in-state residents for tuition purposes
  • College Access for Undocumented Students

Hispanic outreach organizations 

  • Oakhill Baptist Church (502) 450-0292
  • Holy Name Parish (270) 826-2096
  • Henderson’s First Baptist Church (270) 826-2332

Hispanic markets/restaurants

  • Agaves Mexican Grill (270) 957-5028
  • Tacoholics Kitchen (270) 957-5001
  • Los Toribio (270) 831-2367
  • Cancun Mexican Restaurant (270) 826-0067
  • Tienda Mexicana Lorena (270) 212-0009
  • Medina’s Mexican Store (270) 830-7130

ESL classes

English language services offered both on and off campus (Henderson House Authority & Tyson Processing Plant) – all classroom instruction technology and materials included 

Contact Elaine Sgorcea for more information.

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Hispanic/Latino Recruitment Specialist: Jacob Brown

           “My name is Jacob Brown and I am the Hispanic/Latino Recruitment Specialist at Henderson Community College. As part of my responsibilities, I lead the Hispanic/Latino Outreach program, support increased enrollment and retention, and provide mentoring/advising to Spanish-speaking students and their families. Throughout my role, I strongly support the HCC mission to be an educational leader by providing opportunities for personal growth, professional training, and cultural enrichment, as well as the relative values and institutional goals of our college. My office is located in the Start Center and I am more than happy to assist students in any way possible.”

Jacob Brown

Phone: (270) 831-9706
Email: jacob.brown@kctcs.edu
Sullivan Technology Center, Start Center

           “Hola a todos. Mi nombre es Jacob Brown y soy el especialista en reclutamiento hispano en Henderson Community College. Estoy emocionado de que se haya tomado el tiempo de aprender más sobre HCC y todo lo que ofrecemos a los estudiantes. Nuestro colegio ofrece una gran variedad de programas desde administración de empresas y enfermería hasta educación infantil y soldadura. Cualquiera que sea el programa que más le convenga, tenemos clases presenciales, en línea y de noche. HCC es muy asequible con la matrícula más baja de Kentucky y muchas becas y oportunidades de asistencia financiera. Quizás lo más importante es que HCC es suficientemente pequeño para que los profesores conozcan a cada uno de sus estudiantes, lo que significa mucha atención académica individual. ¡Comuníquese con nosotros para obtener más información sobre cómo encontrar su camino en Henderson Community College!”