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Paperwork Requirements

Requirements for Clinical Experience Courses

Dear Medical Assisting Student: 

Please read this letter carefully and be sure you understand what you must get done before you can begin your clinical experience hours.

  1. Health Records Checklist: All required health records, immunizations, TB skin tests, Flu Shot, CPR certification, etc. must be completed and uploaded to Castle Branch prior to the start of the clinical experience. A list of all required health requirements will be provided to the student by the college.
  2. Liability Insurance:  You are required to purchase liability insurance from the college for approximately $11.00 per semester.  You can go to your Self-Service aunt on People Soft, do an Account Inquiry and print off an itemized statement for the current semester showing it has been charged to your account. Submit that statement with these forms. This must be completed prior to beginning clinical experience.
  3. Clinical Requirements:  All Clinical students must have certain health tests and immunizations.  You must also take a drug screen test and have a criminal background check performed.  These requirements are outlined in this letter.
  4. Urine Drug Screen:  You must also have a current urine drug screen as defined by the college completed (a routine urinalysis does not include a drug screen.). The drug screen is to be completed using an approved lab and the results will be loaded directly into Castle Branch and reviewed. If you are taking any prescription medications that may interfere with the drug screen test, you must provide this information to the testing lab prior to completing the Urine Drug Screen.
  5. “Statement of Understanding”:  Please complete the statement and return with all other forms.
  6. Background Check:  Henderson Community College now requires a current background checks for all students enrolling in Nursing (RN & LPN), Medical Assisting and Medical Laboratory Technician Programs.  This process is designed to meet the requirements for a student’s assignment to clinical practice in affiliating healthcare agencies. Henderson Community College has worked with Castle Branch to establish an acceptable screening procedure.  Students who fail to submit a background check will not be eligible for clinical placement.  No other form of background checks can be accepted.

Important Notes

  1. If you have a positive drug screen, you must verify that you are taking a medication which causes the positive test. This must be in writing from your doctor.
  2. If you have a felony conviction on your background check most clinical sites will not accept you for clinical experience.
  3. The College uses Castle Branch to store all health, background screening, and drug screening, CPR, and Liability Insurance documentation. The college will provide information on creating and accessing your Castle Branch Account. Students are responsible for uploading all required documentation to Castle Branch.

Statement of Understanding

Statement of Understanding
Student Name:  

As a student of this program, I agree to the rules, regulations, policies and procedures as stated below.

The program requires a period of assigned, guided clinical experiences either in the college or other appropriate facility in the community.