A hybrid course is one in which approximately 50% of course material is provided online.Online course material may include activities, assignments, and/or assessments. Online activities may include recorded lectures, reading materials, publisher materials,etc. The remaining 50% of coursework is delivered face-to-face (F2F).

•All F2F courses will be offered as hybrids.
•Many technical lecture courses are also being offered in a hybrid format.
•In certain technical programs, labs and clinicals will meet as originally scheduled???
•A select group of courses will meet as originally scheduled to provide these students with support that have proven to facilitate student success.
•Check your KCTCS email regularly for more specific information on your class schedule.

Because of the number of students enrolled and the capacity of some classrooms, the location may change on some classes. You can check your student self-service, and you will also receive an email from your instructor the week before classes begin. To access your schedule, visit the Current Students webpage, click on MyPath, then click on Student Self-Service.

•Faculty will be available to help you with all aspects of the course, and guides and video tutorials are available to help you with effectively utilizing online materials.
•Online learning and computer lab staff will also be available to help you get started and answer technical questions.
•Watch the WKCTC announcements and your email for information on Jump Start workshops to help you get started with the online portions of classes.

•You can access email, announcements, and small assignments using your phone, but mostactivities and assignments will require a computer. Students also have difficulty with some materials when using a tablet or Chromebook.
•Within hybrid classes, approximately 50% of course material is offered online. You will need access to a computer and reliable internet. While WKCTC has open computer labs throughout campus, most students prefer to have their own. Computers can be purchased from the bookstore using available financial aid. Read more about computer recommendations.
•Within some courses, printed textbooks are required, but in others the materials areaccessed directly from the online portion of the course. Information on textbooks is available on the bookstore website, and you will also receive textbook information directly from your instructor.

•Computers are available in...
•Wireless access is available in all buildings and as well as the ADM and PAC parking lots (designated by signs).
•You can access email, announcements, and small assignments using your phone, but mostactivities and assignments will require a computer. Students also have difficultywith some materials when using a tablet or Chromebook. 
•The faculty, staff and students of HCC share the responsibility in keeping the campussafe. This includes performing the self-check of temperature prior to campus arrival,maintaining 6 ft distancing, and wearing face masks.
•Facilities will be sanitized regularly, and frequently touched surfaces and areaswill be cleaned a minimum of twice daily.
•Each occupied space will have hand cleaning and disinfecting supplies as well as masksand gloves for those requesting them.
•We will continue to follow KCTCS, local, state, and CDC recommendations.
•To activate, visit the Current Students webpage, click on MyPath, then click on Student Self-Service.
•Follow the instructions to create your user profile. You will need your nine digit student ID number – aka EMPLID – that was assigned to you at the time of your onlineapplication. Make sure to: Record your username and email address, and remember your password and keep it confidential.
•To access your email, visit the Current Students webpage, click on MyPath, then click on Email
Please contact x at xx or xxx
•The easiest way to get your books is to place an order online at KCTCS Bookstores and your ordered texts and supplies will be delivered to your home! Financial aidcharges accepted starting August 7th. Students can also request in-store pick-up ifthat is preferred over shipping. Allow 48 hours between the time of order and visitingthe store for pick up.
•Starting July 15, the bookstore will be open for counter service only. Financial aidcharges will not be taking place until August 7th. There will be only four studentsallowed in the store at a time. Masks will be required to enter the building as wellas the bookstore. You must bring your printed schedule with you because we will notbe able to use your phone to read the details or print schedules for you. Studentswill give the bookstore clerk their schedule. A bookseller will gather student booksand bring them to the counter where the sales transaction will take place.
•VERY IMPORTANT: All student schedules include a SECTION NUMBER for classes. If all of your class section numbers begin with B5##, pick WEST KY CTC as your campus. (The website might ask you to pick your campus more than once. Even if it's an onlinecourse with a B5##, do NOT pick KCTCS ON-LINE as your bookstore.) If a section numberbegins with anything other than B5##, then you will need to pick KCTCS ON-LINE asyour bookstore.
•The library is open and ready to assist you with all of your research needs. Use acomputer or printer, get help with online research, check out or return items, orstudy independently in a quiet atmosphere. View the library's hours. The library is “open” online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer ordevice. Visit the library's webpage. From Blackboard, choose eLibrary under Student Resources and select West Kentuckyunder Library Websites. Call 270-534-3197, Ask a Librarian online, Contact us via email or phone, or Chat Live with a Librarian on the home page of our website 
•The Tutoring Center will offer in-person tutoring in Fall 2020. They will continueto follow Healthy at Work guidelines, which include masks for students and tutorsand 6-foot social distancing. The Center will also continue to offer remote tutoringto students who prefer or need it. Read more about the tutoring center.  
•Please contact the Accessibility Services Office via phone at 270-534-3406, or viaemail at wk-accessibilityservices@kctcs.edu
•Yes. Hybrid, in-person and online courses that apply toward your degree are coveredby financial aid. Visit the affording college area of the website.