ENG100 Assignment Example | HCC

ENG100 Assignment Example

ENG 100 Assignment Example

Based on The Maze Runner (a novel)

Journal Prompts Over Chapters 1-8

1. What do you think the novel The Maze Runner will be about? Have you seen the movie, or have you read this type of book before? Why might this be a relevant book for a college student? Do you think you’ll like the book - give an honest first impression?

2. From the beginning of Chapter 1, the main character Thomas only remembers his name. Why does the author begin the novel by making the reader (and main character) so disoriented? Can you relate to being as confused as Thomas about what’s happening in your life, maybe with your ENG classes?

3. What does Thomas’s entrance to the Glades remind you of? Is it like a re-birth or a second chance at life, or an awakening? Do most college students get a reemergence like Thomas?

4. What is Thomas’s “First Day” like? Have you had a similar “First Day” experience like the Gladers - maybe at a new school or a new job? Are most young adults “Greenies” at some point in life?
5. What is the purpose of the novel’s slang?

(20 points)