English Reading/Writing Questions | HCC

English Reading/Writing Questions

Henderson Community College English Placement

Before placing students in IRW85, ENG101 with 100, and ENG101, please consider asking the following questions. Use the placement measures and insights from the answers to make the final placement recommendation.

Reading/Writing Questions for Advisors

Do you like to read?

What do you read?

How much do you read?

What kind of reading were you asked to do in your high school classes?

Did you do the reading assigned in your classes?

Do you like to write?

How do you regard yourself as a writer?

What kind of writing did you do for your high school classes?

Did you write formal essays in which you had to support a thesis?

How did you do on writing assignments? Did your teachers give you feedback? What did they say about your writing?

What writing do you do on your job?