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Henderson Community College offers Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees equivalent to the sequences of courses taken in the first two years at four-year colleges and universities. These college transfer programs allow students to spend their first two years of study for a baccalaureate degree in an academic institution that is close to home and reasonable in cost. HCC graduates who go on to complete a four-year degree do as well academically as native students at four-year institutions.

Carol Palmer lecturing to classThe general education core curriculum ensures that HCC graduates are well-educated men and women who are intellectually flexible, articulate, creative, and prepared for continuous growth. For all students, this implies some understanding of their own abilities, interests, and needs. The general education core curriculum will also help students develop their own values, pursue goals, and contribute to the political, moral, social, and cultural enrichment of society.

An added benefit for transfer students is that they receive a separate degree--either an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science depending on the type of program--at the end of two years.

Under the General Education Block Transfer Policy, students completing the Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science degree requirements will be "fully certified" and be able to transfer a block of general education credits to all Kentucky public colleges and universities. Students will be admitted to these institutions with junior level standing and their general education course work will be accepted as meeting up to 48 hours of the receiving institution's lower division general education requirements.

In what areas can I earn an Associate Degree?

Besides a general education Associates in Arts or Associates in Science degree, you may earn degrees in the following areas:

  • Agricultural Technology
  • Business Administration Accounting
  • Business Administration Management
  • Business Administration Office Systems
  • Dental Assisting
  • Industrial Maintenance Technology
  • Information Technology--Computer Programming
  • Information Technology--Network Administration
  • Information Technology--Electronic Commerce
  • Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Nursing

Academic Plans

  • Application for Certificate, Diploma, or Degree -- (PDF WORD)
  • Associate in Arts 2-14 - Current Curriculum--(XLS)
  • Associate in Arts 12-13--(XLS)
  • Associate in Arts 06-07--(XLS)
  • Associate in Arts 04-05--(XLS
  • Associate in Science 03-09 - Current Curriculum--(XLS)
  • Associate in Science 12-13--(XLS)
  • Associate in Science 06-07--(XLS)
  • Associate in Science 04-05--(XLS)

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