About Us

Name Title Phone Office
Barbee, David Maintenance Technician 270-831-9808 STC121
Beck, Angie Instructional Specialist III 270-831-9731 AT305A
Becker, Kara Assistant Professor 270-831-9793 AT202B
Belt, David Adult Education Specialist II 270-831-9602 STC206
Bennett, Brenda Associate Professor 270-831-9724 AT205E
Blackburn, Cathi Professor 270-831-9647 ADM2
Blair, Adam Instructor, MSU Educ Program Coordinator 270-831-9689 ADM119
Bockstege, Kim Manager of Business Operations 270-831-9656 ADM111B
Brock, Jo Ann Administrative Assistant 270-831-9658 STC314
Buchanan, Pam Coord. of Assessment & Testing/Disability Srvcs. 270-831-9783 STC227
Bullock, Kim Instructor 270-831-9733 AT314E
Burch, Janet Senior Administrative Assistant 270-831-9640 STC239
Burnett, Terrie Instructor 270-831-9743 AT314G
Burton, Sharon Professor 270-831-9646 ADM212
Chandler, Sherry Assistant Director, Preston Arts Center 270-831-9801 PAC
Chappell, Michelle Assistant Professor 270-831-9817 A&S225
Clements, Shannon Coord. of Academic Programs/Herron Center 270-831-9711 HC
Conley, Cary Associate Dean of Enrollment Management 270-831-9610 STC221
Conyers, Lance Maintenance & Operations Supervisor 270-831-9632 ADM17
Crick, Sarah Instructor 270-831-9736 AT314I
Curry, Cindy Ready to Work 270-831-9631 STC223
Daugherty, Chelsey Recruiter 270-831-9607 STC233
Dean, Kim Professor 270-831-9707 AT103
Dixon, Bill Director of Cultural Diversity 270-831-9650 SCR105
Donahoo, Lori Director of Nursing 270-831-9737 AT314C
Eckels, Daisy Administrative Assistant 270-831-9648 STC212
Embry, Misty Division Administrative Assistant 270-831-9714 A&S218
Fritts, David C. Professor 270-831-9645 A&S211
Fuchs, Pennae Professor 270-831-9744 AT314D
Furbush, Frank Associate Professor 270-831-9725 AT205H
Gary, William L. Jr. Professor 270-831-9638 ADM210
Griffis, Katie Associate Professor 270-831-9606 LIB202
Guess, Karen Administrative Assistant 270-831-9708 AT112
Hawa, Randa Professor 270-831-9722 AT205F
Heerdink, Joe IT Manager 270-831-9615 A&S202
Helfrich, Jennifer Medical Assisting Program Coordinator/Instructor 270-831-9771 AT205D
Horning, Allison Library Staff 270-831-9760 LB100
Houston, Diane Business Affairs Assistant III 270-831-9622 ADM111
Howell, Stacey Workforce Solutions Coordinator 270-831-9624 ADM115
Hudson, Malinda Executive Administrative Assistant 270-831-9757 ADM110
Hunziker, Jonas IT Specialist 270-831-9717 A&S202
Ireland, Amanda Adult Education Specialist II 270-831-9655 STC208
Jackson, Janet Senior Administrative Assistant 270-831-9752 ADM204
Jones, Mei Hong Instructor 270-831-9639 A&S206
Joy, Brian Associate Professor 270-831-9691 A&S228
Joy, Lilia Associate Professor 270-831-9641 ADM213
Kasenow, Paul Professor 270-831-9625 ADM114
Kelley, Melissa Instructor 270-831-9741 AT314B
Kerchner, Eric Director, Preston Arts Center 270-831-9803 PAC
Knecht, Mike Professor/Library Director 270-831-9761 LIB100A
Laird, Whitney Wilson Financial Aid Coordinator 270-831-9791 STC217
Lake, Doris Human Resources Director 270-831-9617 ADM204A
Macke, Kaelyn Instructor 270-831-9780 AT314A
Maltby, Lorie Professor/Transfer Coordinator 270-831-9828 ADM101
Marquess, Alicia Instructor 270-831-9734 AT314A
Mattingly, Carole Chair/Associate Professor 270-831-9786 AT314H
McCarty, Steven Professor/Preston Arts Center Technical Director 270-831-9810 FAC
McKendree, Cheryl Division Administrative Assistant 270-831-9684 ADM211
McMurtry, Brian Director of Institutional Research/Effectiveness 270-831-9674 A&S204
Merrill, John E. III Public Relations Assistant 270-831-9773 ADM219
Miller, Selena Institutional Research Assistant I 270-831-9790 A&S204
Morales, Gil Welding Coordinator 270-831-9831 WLD
Murray, Bridget Professor 270-831-9679 A&S106
Nelson, Gail Adjunct Faculty 270-831-9788 A&S217
Patsalides, Eugenios Chair/Professor 270-831-9688 A&S223
Phelps, Barry Assistant Professor 270-831-9678 A&S222
Phillips, Chad Registrar 270-831-9614 STC215
Preston, Jennifer Chief Advancement Officer 270-831-9805 ADM118
Reid, Kevin Professor-Librarian I Faculty 270-831-9766 LIB110
Reidford, Jon Distance Learning Coordinator/Web Coordinator 270-831-9829 AT205J
Sayles, Keith Chief Student Officer 270-831-9789 STC210
Sizemore, Tracy Star Quality Coordinator 270-831-9816 A&S104
Smith, Mark IMT Program Coordinator 270-831-9831 STC114
Stinson, Christina Chief Business Officer 270-831-9620 ADM111A
Strawn, Tony Professor 270-831-9769 ADM218
Stumph, Vickie PT Academic Advisor 270-831-9630 STC222
Sword, Tracy Tech Specialist 270-831-9693 A&S202
Taylor, Scott Assistant Professor 270-831-9681 A&S224
Thomas, Melissa Adult Education Specialist II 270-831-9688 HC
Threlkeld, Lori Associate Professor 270-831-9814 AT205B
Thurman, Susie Adjunct Faculty 270-831-9751 ADM217
Waggoner, Reneau Chief Academic Officer 270-831-9625 ADM114
Walker, Dana Administrative Assistant 270-831-9740 AT314F
Walls, Cathy Administrative Assistant 270-831-9774 HC
Watson, Angie Career Services Coordinator 270-831-9671 STC213
Wells, Rebecca Professor 270-831-9682 A&S213
Williams, Kris President and CEO 270-831-9626 ADM110A
Williams, Sherri Facilities Management Team Leader 270-831-9727 STC116
Wilson, Pamala Dean of Success Grants 270-831-9649 STC229
Winstead, Laura Professor/Program Coordinator 270-831-9720 A&S214
Zellers, Andrew Financial Aid Director/Veterans Affairs 270-831-9627 STC219
Zuber, Tammie Assistant Registrar 270-831-9716 STC235