Honors Program Reference

Name of student applying to the Honors Program:_____________________________________ 

Your name:_____________________________________       

Your relationship to the student:_____________________________________   

Additional contact information:_____________________________________ 

Your telephone number:_____________________________________ 

Your e-mail address:_____________________________________

You have been asked to provide a reference for a student seeking admission to the Honors Program at Henderson Community College.  We are interested in learning about the student’s intellectual ability and curiosity, creativity, task commitment, and service or leadership potential.  We realize you may not be able to speak to all of these qualities but ask you to respond to as many as you have knowledge of.  The reference may be any length but should contain specifics about the student’s activities and traits.

If you are completing this form electronically, please provide your responses in an email to sharon.burton@kctcs.edu     

If you are not completing this form electronically, simply print this page, complete the information, and mail this form with your responses to:

Sharon Burton
Honors Program Director
2660 S. Green St.
Henderson, KY 42420