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Kyndle FAME

What is Kyndle FAME?

Kyndle FAME is pleased to announce a new opportunity for those wanting to earn a great career and a college degree at the same time and with little or no college debt!  KY FAME (Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education) is based on the nationally recognized Toyota Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) and Computerized Manufacturing and Machining (CMM) program. This “work and earn” model allows participating students to earn an industry recognized degree while gaining valuable work experience in a manufacturing company. 

Interested Kyndle FAME applicants must be high school graduates (or equivalent) and be willing to participate in the program’s 40 hour per week, apprenticeship-style format. If selected, you will attend college two days a week while working three days a week at your sponsoring company. In as few as 18 months (5 semesters), you can earn an Associate in Applied Science degree. Plus, with the practical skills you gain during your paid work experience, you may get a full-time job with your sponsoring company. Or, you may decide to further your technical education to obtain a bachelor’s degree.


How does the Kyndle FAME program work?

The Kyndle FAME program blends classroom instruction with onsite work experience at the manufacturing facility of a sponsoring company. Classes will be offered at Henderson Community College’s Henderson Campus. As a student of the Kyndle FAME program, you agree to:

  • Attend two full days of classroom instruction per week;
  • Maintain a “C” or higher average in all classes to remain eligible; and,
  • Work three days a week earning a wage set by your sponsoring company.

Who gets selected for Kyndle FAME?

Along with the admission application, company personnel may review and select potential students on the following criteria:

  • Academic Success: measured through grades and class rank.
  • Math Capability: measured through test scores such as ACT, KYOTE, etc.
  • Drug Free: commitment to remaining absolutely drug-free.

Checklist for Application to the FAME program:
Extended Deadline: APRIL 13, 2018

For more information or to apply to the Kyndle FAME program, please contact:

Amanda Blohm-Thompson
Fame Coach
Henderson Community College

Mark L. Smith
IMT Program Coordinator
Sullivan Technology Center
Room 114

Kris Williams, PhD
Henderson Community College
ADM 110
(270) 831-9626