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James Lee Pinkston, President of the Webster County Bar Association and Circuit Court Judge Rene Williams, Treasurer of Webster County Bar Association represented the Webster County Bar Association to present the Webster County Kids to College (WCK2C) program with a donation supporting WCK2C scholarships to students who meet criteria for the work ethic/scholarship program.

This is the first gift of what the Webster County Bar Association hopes to be many future gifts to WCK2C, states Judge Williams.

Pinkston echoed Judge William s statement of hopes for future gift and added, the opportunity to help high school students in the area by providing them a place to start while staying close to home is a goal of the association, and we are excited to share this with the community.

WCK2C is a work ethic/scholarship program for all students at Webster County High School. Starting with the 2015-2016 school year, parents will have the opportunity to complete WCK2C enrollment of students at the beginning of the freshman year. Students must successfully meet the following criteria each school year to remain in the program and earn a Work Ethic Certificate:

  • Quality - Maintain a minimum 2.50 grade point average (GPA) each academic year
  • Attendance - Maintain a minimum 95% attendance (includes all excused/unexcused absences and tardies with the exception of school-related activities)
  • Rigor - Take more than the minimum number of credits required for graduation
    • Persistence - Complete high school in four years

Each student earning 4 WCK2C work ethic certificates (one in each grade, 9 12th) will be eligible for a tuition scholarship for up to $1,000 each semester for 4 semesters upon enrollment at Henderson Community College or Madisonville Community College. WK2C scholarship funds are applied after KEES, financial aid, and other scholarships have been awarded.

The donation from Webster County Bar Association is part of funds already raised towards the WCK2C donations needed to support the program. Donations of at least $600,000 more are being raised over the next two years. Individuals interested in obtaining more information about the WCK2C work ethic scholarship program and the fundraising campaign can contact Judge Jim Townsend 270.639.5042; Dr. Rachel Yarbrough 270.639.5083; Dr. Judy Rhoads 270.824.8562; Dr. Kris Williams 270.831.9626; or Tom Glover 270.836.3323.