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September is National Preparedness Month. Your personal safety is priority number one, so if you see or hear something that doesn’t seem quite right, say something! Report suspicious activity to campus security or call 911. You could help save lives!

If an active shooter is on campus, run as far away as you can from the danger, if possible. If you can’t run, hide. Turn off all the lights. Barricade the doors. If all else fails and your life is in danger, fight by yelling or distracting the shooter. You may be able to work with a group to attack with any weapons you can find. Learn more!

Law enforcement's purpose is to stop an active shooter as soon as possible. The first officers that arrive on scene are trained to go directly to the area where the last shots were heard. They don’t stop to help injured people until the shooter has been stopped. To stay safe, follow all their directions.

If you see smoke or a fire, pull the fire alarm, get safe, then call 911.

If you see a suspicious package, do not touch it. Call 911 or campus security immediately.

If there’s a chemical leak or spill, call 911 and immediately notify all building occupants in the area where the spill has occurred.
Learn more information about how to respond to these and other emergencies.