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New Parking Lots Open

photo of new parking lot with yellow tape at the top of the stairwayHenderson Community College is happy to announce that the new parking lots are open for use. There are a couple of items that need to be pointed out regarding changes to traffic flow. There is a new entrance from US 60 and you can access the rest of campus from this new entrance. The access road is along the US 60 side of the two parking lots. If you are entering the main parking lot behind the Administration Building, the drive between the Administration Building and the photo of the new drive next to the Fine Arts CenterStudent Center is now two way. There are stop signs for all traffic entering this area, but traffic within the area should proceed to the parking lot, out through either the new parking lot or around the front of the Administration Building without stopping. We will be installing a crosswalk for the sidewalk from the AD Building to the new parking lot and vehicles must yield to pedestrians.

The steps on either end of the new parking lot have to be modified. They should be replaced during Fall Break. They are currently taped off and closed.