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As a kick-off to National Chemistry Week, Henderson Community College Foundation and Henderson Community College (HCC) will be hosting its first ever Mole-A-Thon! The two distance options of this run/walk center around the chemistry unit of measure, the mole. Differing from the furry creatures that dig up your yard, this mole allows scientists to count atoms by weighing them (a mole of an element is equal to its average mass, which is equal to 6.02 x 10 23rd power atoms of that element.) To celebrate, HCC will be hosting a Half Mole (3.01km) and Full Mole (6.02km) run/walk on our scenic campus! Race entry is $23 for non-students and $10 for college, elementary, and secondary students. Registration includes a t-shirt. Strollers and wheel chairs are welcome on this fully paved, no steps course. Please, no pets.

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