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Hello students! This semester we’d like to give you the opportunity to complete the Learner Evaluation of Instruction survey.  These evaluations are important because your answers will be used to inform faculty of how effective their teaching is, so please, choose your answers carefully. 

Between April 10 - 21, please log in to Blackboard and from the menu located to the left of your course list please select the survey link provided. Choose a response for the questions provided and remember to Submit the survey when completed. Please know that your survey input is strictly confidential and your instructor will receive combined student results after grades have been submitted.

The purpose of this survey is to provide the faculty member and the college with input that can be used for improvement.   If you are enrolled in two or more courses at Henderson Community College this semester and are completing the evaluation for each course you must close the web browser in use after completing each evaluation and open it again before you can complete the evaluations for the next course.