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In this Case, 0 is a Wonderful Number

Henderson Community College has just completed an onsite visit as part of the re-affirmation process from its accrediting agency the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). This three day visit, Oct. 25-27, involved a team of nine community college professionals from around the southeast reviewing every aspect of the college and doing an in-depth review of the college s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). HCC has been working on its QEP, G.P.S. Goals. Priorities. Success. Developing a Goal-Based Advising Plan, since the fall of 2009. The overall goal of the QEP is to improve student learning by improving the advising processes at HCC. The really great news about this visit is the college received a total of zero recommendations from the visiting team.

While there are not statistics kept on the number of visits that result in zero recommendations, it can safely be said this is unusual and a huge accomplishment for the employees at the college. The entire campus and community can be very proud of the report the college received from the team.

Up next for the QEP process will be to implement each of the steps outlined in the QEP plan. The college has already adopted an Advising Syllabus which all students and advisors will use starting with early Spring 2012 registration starting November 1. The college will hold training sessions on the use of the Goal-Based Academic Agreement for both students and faculty during the Spring of 2012. Also in the Spring of 2012, the Faculty Affairs Committee will develop a new Advisor Evaluation form which will more directly assess the effectiveness of advising at HCC.

Other steps in the plan include the hiring of a Director of Academic Advising in 2012. Finally, the Fall of 2013 will see the opening of a campus Start Center and the implementation of a required first-year experience course.