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HCC Good Citizen Awards

The HCC Good Citizen Award was awarded at the reception in honor of the birthday of the United States Constitution. Twenty staff and students received the award in recognition of their contributions to their peers, the community and the college. Each person exemplifies the qualities of good citizenship that is, taking responsibility, doing their share, participating in community service, taking care of the environment, and treating others with respect and dignity.

Those recognized were:

Karen Guess HCC Staff member
Sue A. Haynes HCC student
Marlena Buchanan HCC nursing faculty member
Cary Conley HCC staff member
Sandra Miller HCC student
Kim Ellis HCC student
Maura Corley HCC math faculty member
Dee Parker HCC student
David Benson ABE staff
Sue Sampson HCC student
Jonie Asher HCC student
Gay Midgett HCC staff member
Jan Hite HCC student
Megan Hollis HCC student
Donald Rose HCC English faculty
Mike Knecht HCC Library Director
Shawna Brown HCC student
Mary Jo Applin HCC s Barnes amp; Noble Bookstore manager
Brenda Stone HCC student
Lorie Maltby HCC history faculty member