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Fall 2012 Student Showcase

Here s your opportunity to showcase academic, applied, or service learning projects that you have developed during the Summer Session or Fall 2012 Semester. There is a $100 cash prize for each category winner. A Showcase Registration Form can be picked up in Ms. Kara Becker s office, in the Academic-Technical Bldg., Room 202-B. The form must be completed and returned to Ms. Becker no later than 5:00 p.m., November 25, either by emailing Kara Becker or at her office.

The three areas of participation are: (1) Academic: Project contributes to exploration of a topic within a specific discipline (e.g., students examined conditions in the colony of Jamestown through letters and research); (2) Applied: Project is for practical use in a specific setting (e.g., students designed a board game to be used to teach math in the elementary school setting); or (3) Service Learning: Project informs or helps a community at large (e.g., students created an online health fair accessible to everyone via the Internet).