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Chemistry Class creates and solves "crime scene"

Students in CHE 120, Joy of Chemistry, are hard at work at a 'crime scene' as part of their final exam. In part one of the exam, student groups developed, wrote, and produced a crime scene complete with evidence for another group to solve. In part two, students attempted to determinestudents talking with notebooks in hand what happened in another group s crime scene. Students utilize all of the skills that they acquired throughout the semester in an attempt to determine who dunnit! During finals week the groups will present their own crime scene scenarios along with their analysis of the other group s scene for a grade.

This class for non-majors covers the basics of chemistry and focuses on connections to crime scenes and crime labs. At the beginning of the semester, students had to analyze a crime scene based on what they had learned in class then reflect on how they would do it differently. At the end of the semester, they apply all that they learn to creating and solving. The course will be offered again in the Spring 2013 semester on Tuesday and Thursdays from 11-12:15 with an optional lab on Wednesdays from 1:30-3:30. Contact your advisor if you are interested.
dummy on floor used in mock crime scene for students