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Greetings, HCC Student –

 I hope your semester is going well thus far.  I have important information to share with you regarding changes to the Fall 2018 Academic Calendar.  There are two (2) changes: 1) the last day for you to withdraw from a class and receive a 50% refund of your tuition and 2) the final exam dates for an 8-week course from 8/13/2018 to 10/7/2018.  The chart below outlines these changes: 

 fall calendar changes

Last Day to Withdraw and receive 50% Tuition

The highlighted information in yellow indicates the last day to withdraw and receive a 50% refund.  This is based on which session you attended. For example, if you are enrolled in 16-week sessions that started on August 13th, you have until next Tuesday, September 11th to withdraw from the course.  If you are thinking of withdrawing, please speak with your academic advisor before you do so.  IF, after speaking with your academic advisor, you choose to withdraw, please follow the online withdrawal process which is explained on the website:

Final Exam Information for 1st 8-week Session

The information in red is regarding a change in Final Exams. This is ONLY for students who are enrolled in classes in the 8-week session from August 13, 2018 through October 7, 2018.  Please contact your instructor/faculty member if you have questions about the final exam schedule.

The full Academic Calendar for Fall 2018 that includes the revisions listed above is available on our website at

We’re so glad you’ve chosen to Henderson Community College for your academic journey.  Remember:  you’ve got this!


Reneau Waggoner, Ed.D.