Published on Jul 31, 2020


Open Registration dates for Fall 2020 have been set! Save the dates for your opportunity to lock in your classes for the Fall 2020 semester:

Tuesday, August 11: 2:00 - 6:00 PM
Wednesday, August 12: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM and 4:00 - 6:00 PM

Make sure you consult the schedule and contact your advisor for their input! As you prepare for the fall semester consider: 

  • Consider what your work and life schedule may look like for the fall semester. Keep in mind that HCC will be offering in-class/hybrid courses as well as online courses. Some of these are offered as 15, 12, and 8-week courses as well!
  • Ask yourself how many classes you should take. Student can still receive financial aid as a part-time student. It is better to be successful as a part-time student than to take too many classes and become overwhelmed.
  • Review your current academic program. You can view your current academic program through your PeopleSoft account and the my planner feature. If you think you are in the wrong program, then let your advisor know. They can help you get into the right degree plan.
  • Watch out for program applicability. Taking courses outside your official degree plan may complicate your federal financial aid. Your academic advisors will work with you to ensure you are on track with your classes.
  • Know who your advisor is. If you have forgotten who your advisor is, then you can look it in your PeopleSoft account or visit the Start Center.

HCC advisors are here to listen, provide guidance, explain confusing policies like program applicability, and help you achieve your academic goals. Remember at HCC your success is our success!

Dr. Chad Phillips
Registrar/Interim Director of START Center