RC2C FAQs for High School Students


What is Rotary Colonels 2 College?

Mission: Believing that every youth deserves the opportunity for education, Rotary Club of Henderson Colonels 2 College Scholarship program opens college doors and creates success and, as a result, our community benefits from educated citizens who help attract and retain business and industry.

How do I sign up for Rotary Colonels 2 College?

Beginning with the class of 2018, all freshmen at Henderson County High School will automatically be enrolled in Rotary Colonels 2 College. If you wish to opt out of the program, please contact your unit guidance counselor.

What do I need to do to remain eligible for the Rotary Colonels 2 College program?

To remain a Rotary Colonels 2 College Scholar you must:
  • Have a 2.5 or higher GPA each year of high school
  • Demonstrate no safe-school violations
  • Obtain a 96% attendance rate each year of high school
  • Complete high school in 8 semesters

What happens if I don t meet the 2.5 GPA requirement?

At the end of each school year, letters are mailed to all students that do not meet the GPA requirement. Included in the letter is the appropriate form to appeal their removal from the program. An appointed appeals committee will review all requests and mail decisions to each student.

What happens if I don t meet the 96% attendance rate?

For the Rotary Colonels 2 College scholarship program, the 96% attendance rate calculation includes all excused and unexcused absences, excluding school field trips and administrator excused days. If students receive a letter at the end of the year excluding them from the program and they have all excused absences, including doctor s notes and parent notes, they are encouraged to appeal to further explain their attendance situation. An appointed appeals committee will review all requests and mail decisions to each student.

What are the rewards of being a RC2C Scholar?

The ultimate reward for being an RC2C Scholar is the scholarship for up to $1000 per semester for 4 semesters (August to August) at Henderson Community College upon high school graduation. There are several other rewards given to students each year of high school as they continue to meet the RC2C Scholar criteria. At the end of each school year, there is an awards ceremony to recognize students who remain in the program. Students are given a RC2C Workforce Certificate and an item to recognize their hard work such as a t-shirt, key chain, etc.

Once awarded the RC2C scholarship how do I use it?

To utilize the RC2C scholarship, students must attend Henderson Community College within two years of graduating from high school. (For example, students graduating in the class of 2013 must enroll at HCC by August 2015 to take advantage of the RC2C scholarship.) The RC2C scholarship will be the last money applied to a student s account after all other aid and scholarships have been applied. If a student has all tuition needs met without using any of the RC2C money, the student will be awarded $250 for 4 semesters to use for educational expenses.